“Music means everything... It is a form of communication that speaks to every part of the life that has ears, it is very spiritual, it can be a teacher, sometimes even in the abstract there is language.” - Omawumi.

Raised in Niger Delta part of Nigeria, Omawumi like so many of the greats before her cultivated her voice in church as a young girl finding inspiration from already iconic voices in gospel and everyday music. When asked who influenced her the most, she quickly shared an impressive list: India Irie, Brenda Fassie, Mariam Makeba, Onyeka Onyenu, Angelique Kidjo, and The Marleys.

On January 26th 2007, Omawumi auditioned for the West African version of an internationally acclaimed T.V. talent show titled, ‘Idols West Africa’. Her captivating soulful voice and outgoing personality intrigued millions of viewers across the continent and was voted first runner up on the maiden edition of, ‘Idols West Africa’. In September 2008, Omawumi released her debut single titled, ‘In the Music,’ which became an instant success and number one hit on various radio stations and music charts. Soon after Omawumi released her debut album titled, ‘Wonderwoman,’ in its first week, the album sold over 100,000 copies across Africa!

“I describe my sound as eclectic. I draw my style from a broad and diverse range of genres. The common ingredient however is the soul and language; I tend to speak a lot of what we call 'Pidgin English' in my music”. -Omawumi

Omawumi has performed across Africa, serenading crowds in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Singapore, Switzerland, and performed in New York City.


Today this vibrant Nigerian singer/ songwriter is recording her third album, which she decided to record completely live. Omawumi is not only adventurous, but truly an authentic singer who hones her craft. “In my opinion, music like most forms of art thrives in honesty. Live music is more honest than digital music. I want the world to experience the honesty in my music and original sound. I decided to embark on this journey of recording my first live album because I connect with sounds of musical instruments when I am recording or performing. Every sound from the horns to percussion and the acoustics speaks to me.”-Omawumi


Omawumi , The Philanthropist


As a philanthropist, Omawumi is an avid supporter of women’s rights and uses her voice and artistry to raise awareness on violence against women and child abuse. ‘If You Ask Me,’ a single on her second album, the soulful song by Omawumi tells the story of a girl made pregnant by her own father, and then demands action to confront

and stop child abuse. Since its online release, the song has gained over 100,000 views on Youtube and has over 200,000 downloads. She has also been invited to perform, ‘If You Ask Me,’ at several prestigious events across the globe and also on renowned television shows like BBC Africa Beats.


Omawumi’s music integrates pure heart, soul, and energy. She will only continue to catch the ears of everyone who hears her. Her voice is not only powerfully uplifting, but the message she communicates through her lyrics resonates with its listeners. Her music spreads awareness about real life issues happening today. Her songs represent a great deal of optimism.

I believe if you have a voice and followership, You should be able to say something meaningful”-Omawumi ,BBC Africa Beats